It’s funny how people place more attention on their beauty routine in the Spring and Summer when it’s really the colder seasons – Fall and Winter – that require much more thoughtful maintenance.

The colder air combined with indoor dryness – often due to heating systems – can cause skin to get dry, flake and generally look dull. That dewy glow of the summer is typically long gone by October but it doesn’t have to be!

Below are some excellent tips to keep your skin, hair and nails looking their best year round.

fall beauty tips

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture:

Moisturize your face, moisturize your hair, moisturize your body, and even moisturize your nails! Not only do the lower temps dry out your skin, but the heater also causes your work and home spaces to decrease in humidity – meaning less moisture.

For your face, make sure you invest in a good day and night time moisturizer – such as CeraVe, Weleda Skin Food or even Cetaphil. And for night, you can feel free to just pile it on with more moisturizing product. My typical night time routine after a cleanser includes: a toner, essence, oil/serum, moisturizer and sleeping pack. It’s a lot but it keeps my skin looking fresh, dewy and flake-free even in the coldest of months. I would suggest buying this sleeping pack for daily night time use.

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For your hair, there’s no need to get fancy. Coconut oil hair masks once or twice a week will do but you can also research different hair masks depending on your hair type (color processed, dry, thin, etc.) online.

Skin and nails can be taken care of with coconut oil as well, but if you find it to be comedogenic (pore clogging), stick to lotions you trust. A great moisturizer for especially dry areas on your body is Native Touch’s Rooting Bear Rub as it is incredible thick. Another fun buy would be these Nail Therapy Masks that are super cheap and can be bought anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Nordstrom. Moisturizing your nails will prevent cracking and peeling – a common occurrence in the Fall and Winter.


Dry skin often means the top layer of your dermis will feel stiff, scaly or flaky. Not only is this uncomfortable but can also make makeup application go on less smooth and can oftentimes be seem unsightly as well.

Besides moisturizing your skin (both face and body), you should also make sure you are exfoliating.

I personally like the feeling of a scrub – Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub for the face and LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub for the body – but at-home glycolic peels like Peter Thomas Roth‘s for the face and dry brushing for the body perform similarly but less harshly for super sensitive skin.

This sloughs of dead skin cells, making not only your skin feel better, but making it more apt to repair itself and absorb moisture.

fall beauty tips

Use A Humidifier

This is the ultimate beauty secret. Use a humidifier even if you’re not sick. This puts moisture in the air, which actually not only kills bacteria but keeps the H2O levels in your skin and hair higher. As a matter of fact, if you can get one of these on your desk at work, you should!

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

Just because it’s getting darker out earlier doesn’t mean you don’t need to watch out for the sun. You should use sunscreen every single day. This is true even on days that are all dreary and rainy.

Actually, this is one part of your routine that should stay the same! Depending on your skin, you can choose either a chemical or physical sunscreen, but know that whether it’s SPF 15 or SPF 50, it’s all beneficial. Increased sun exposure may lead to melanoma, sun spots, worsening post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (AKA acne marks) and WRINKLES. It’s best to stock up on SPF always.

fall beauty tips

Pamper Your Feet

In the summer your feet often have a lot of time to breathe. You’re probably wearing sandals most of the time or hitting the beach and pool so you’re putting more attention on them anyways. You don’t want to expose dirty, smelly, ugly feet do you?!

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However, in the wintertime a lot of people fail to continue the upkeep and not only that, but their feet are more like to be stuck inside not only heavier socks but also heavy boots or shoes – trapping in sweat and bacteria.

You can try foot sprays if smell is a common problem for you and you should visit your pediatrist if you develop fungus, corns, etc in your feet or toe nails. I would also suggest regularly scrubbing your feet before your showers and using a pumice stone post shower. If you’re into getting pampered, don’t skip your regular pedicure!

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What are some of your favorite Fall Beauty tips?


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