When we think of exercise and it’s long list of health benefits, we never really think about our digestive system.

Of course it’s good for our hearts, muscles, and blood flow to the brain but what about its ability to regulate our G.I (gastrointestinal) tract? Poor maintenance of the digestive system results in indigestion which itself can cause many health complications. This includes exercise and nutrition. Along with a healthy and fiber filled diet, we need to also be focusing on the exercises and practices that will help us move things along.

Below, we will list the the best of exercise for digestion.

1. Yoga

Exercise for digestion

Yoga has been found extremely helpful when it comes to digestion. No matter what type of yoga you practice or would like to try and practice, they all will work. Yoga is a sequence of postures, poses and stretches that are designed to work on specific targeted parts of the body for an overall feeling of energy and calmness. Every single part of the digestive system will be worked on during a yoga class. When all these parts are working in sync with one another, it’s safe to say that the digestive system is working properly.

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