easter egg ideas

Happy first days of spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (maybe not so much), but Easter is coming up. The day typically being associated with Cadbury creme eggs over kale is understandably a day filled with chocolate, marshmallows and plenty of sugar….plenty of it.

Of course, what would Easter be without the family favorite (or dreaded) Easter egg hunt. However you feel about it, it’s time to start a new tradition and fill your Easter eggs with anything but candy! Since Easter is a full on sugar feast already, a great idea would be to fill your eggs with some items that are well desired, great for (mostly) any age, gender, and totally worth fighting for. This will surely rev up enthusiasm and heart rates without having to deal with a sugar crash later on.

1. Coins

easter egg hunt ideas

What motivates more than money? Try using quarters… Or dollar bills if you’re feeling generous.

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