Thanks to the folks over at Pure Skin Tone we now have a concise infographic outlining way to prevent dry skin in the winter and keep it glowing.

We’ve all been there before. In the summer it feels like our skin is all too slick and sweaty, but come winter our skin feels and – perhaps much to our horror – looks dry and flaky. Naturally, this occurs due to the lack of humidity in the air during cold-weather months.

Nevertheless, not only does it cause us to feel self-conscious because of the physical aspects, but it might even lead to “itching, soreness, chapping, cracking, flaking” and more. It gets uncomfortable especially when the affected area happens to be your face. Did you know that while oily skin may cause breakouts, dry skin has the potential to do so as well? That is the last thing you need when you are already suffering thanks to the cold winds!

The key is prevention, and what better time to start than now? Hydration and regular exfoliation is key. Of course, as with everything, make sure you don’t overdo any of these tips. For example, it’s not necessary to douse yourself with moisturizer every minute of the day. Once in the morning and once at night may do the trick. If your dry skin tends to get really severe, purchasing a deeply hydrating overnight mask may be a great option.

In addition, exfoliation is great for sloughing off dead skin cells. It works wonders in moderation, but make sure not to exfoliate more than once a week as it might be too abrasive for your skin and lead to drying it out even further or other forms of irritation.

As always, keep up with your skincare regimen (i.e. washing your face both morning and night), just make sure to switch out products if they become too harsh for your winter skin! Take a look below for more tips!

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What are your favorite dry skin remedies?



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