If there’s one thing that remains very true about the summers, it’s that it sure gets hot. So, what’s one treat that absolutely everyone adores in the summers? Ice cream, of course!

While popsicles and creemees are the stuff dreams are made of, they can also really rack up the calorie count. This is great and totally a must once in a while, but if you are craving that refresher more often than you are willing to admit, believe it or not but there are alternatives to choose from.

As a matter of fact, you can each for these ice pops instead. Not only are they made with the fruit juice (meaning that it can be your favorite cold pressed juice, free of additives and preservatives) of your choosing, but the colors are just oodles of fun. While the video features a red, white and blue color scheme that will be perfect for Fourth Of July BBQ Parties, the possibilities are truly endless.

In addition, not only are they a great refresher and adorable element to any summertime cookout, but they also make for an excellent way to stay hydrated in the dry summer heat, and – as mentioned earlier – you can use any juice or concoction of your liking, which also makes it ideal for sneaking in the veggies and fruits that your kids, friends or family members may not otherwise like.

These ice pops are clearly a win-win for all!

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What healthy flavor of DIY ice pops  are you most excited to try?

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