diet coke warning heart failure

Ah, it’s been a tough couple of weeks finding out that some of our favorite foods – namely, bacon – might literally be killing us. But if you think that’s the only truth bomb you’re getting dropped on you, you would be terribly mistaken.

A Swedish study carried out at the Karolinska Institute is now saying that drinking two Diet Cokes a day could increase heart failure risk.

Hopefully our readers have broken this unhealthy habit (I know I did years ago), but if you’re still on that “Diet Coke is better than Regular Coke” bandwagon, then you would be incredibly mistaken. As a matter of fact, both are probably equally horrendous for you. Stop drinking it. Your teeth, skin, gut and (now) heart will certainly thank you.

The specific study looked at 42,400 men over a 12 year period and found 3,604 cases of positive association between regular consumption of the soft drink and risk of heart failure. As a matter of fact, 509 of the people in the study actually died of the condition.

Of course, there is always the counter-argument that people who drink Diet Coke – or any other artificially sweetened beverages – probably have equally questionable dietary and lifestyle habits that may actually be the cause behind the higher probability of heart failure. However, according to Spanish professors Miquel Ruiz-Canela and Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez who proposed the counter-claim also ended up stating:

“Sweetened beverages lead to weight gain and obesity and this leads to diabetes and heart failure. The take home message is to drink water instead of sweetened beverages.”

And we couldn’t agree more. If you’re drinking the poisonous stuff, start opting for club soda that has been infused with fruit. While I don’t crave soda ever anymore, I would imagine Kombucha – a fermented tea – would be a great replacement as well. Whatever you do, don’t get the pop.

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