When it comes to food allergies, did you know that between 50-90% of all severe allergic reactions are caused by one of these 8 culprits that are typically referred to as the “big eight“. However, it should be noted that the most common allergies differ between children and adults. Did you know that the most common food allergen in children is… milk?! Yikes! With such staggering numbers, it makes us question the verifiability of the age old myth that milk is crucial for bone growth and health. We are ready to challenge that at any time.

Of course, what oftentimes happens is that children outgrow their food allergies, but sometimes develop new ones later in life. This could be for a bevvy of reasons, but many think it has to do wither with cell renewal/reinvention or adaptation.

In any case, if you are allergic to anyone of these and live in the United States you’re *mostly* in luck. Nutrition labels are required to mark whether or not their products contain any of these contaminates. You might see this at the end of an ingredients list in bold, with a warning that the product may contain any one of these.

However, when it comes to beauty products, these clear warnings are not mandatory and may require you to look a little harder. Be on the lookout for more hidden sources of these products as outlined below.

1. Milk

common food allergies milk

Milk is the most common allergen for the younger set, affecting a whopping 2.5% of children. However, studies show that up to 80% of kids will grow out of this by adulthood.

Hidden sources of milk include deli meats, “non-dairy” or “lactose-free” products, hair & skincare products, canned tuna (casein), and even some OTC medications.

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