July Fourth weekend is coming up and that means many things. Fun, sun, sand and, let’s not forget, a great summer cookout!

There are a few components to a healthy BBQ, but tasty sides should never be forgotten. Coleslaw is a typical American option, but have you ever tried spicing it up? The refreshing, creamy, cabbage option pairs wonderfully with “meatier” mains like chicken and beef. However, if you’re looking to kick it up a notch – and, who would blame you? – this Chipotle Coleslaw by The Pioneer Woman is your best bet.

The video above details just how to kick this very patriotic recipe up a few notches in a few steps with only a few extra ingredients. Who knew chipotle peppers and a quick adobo sauce would transform this family-favorite? You will reach for this recipe all summer and beyond.

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Would you try this Chipotle Coleslaw recipe?

Featured image via Flickr



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