Gluten-free or not, this substitute ingredient is about to change your pizza Fridays forever. Let us introduce you to chickpea flour.

While you may be familiar with chickpeas, chickpea flour is often overlooked for other flour substitutes like quinoa or almond. Why should you give it a shot? It’s rich in protein and fiber. This will make your pizza (and any other baked good) that much more filling and satisfying.

This healthier pizza recipe is actually a great treat to try at home. While we are all about indulging in our guilty pleasures, there is nothing wrong with being smart about it by swapping out certain ingredients.  You may even find it to be that much more satisfying than the empty calories from a regular pizza.

Put on your chef’s hat and get to experimenting in the kitchen this weekend. And yes, you do have permission to pile it high with cheese!

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Have you ever tried chickpea flour pizza before?

Featured Image via Flickr


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