Last weekend, I found myself in an interesting situation. I was chowing down on a torte my grandmother had made, completely in love with the taste. When I asked her what was in it, she listed off a bunch of basic ingredients before stating the most important one. I nearly choked on my food. Cauliflower.

How could this be? What I was eating was delicious, and in no way tasted like Styrofoam!

High in fiber and vitamin C, cauliflower comes with a powerhouse of nutrients, but at what cost? Could there really be ways to transform that ominous white plant into something yummy? According to my fierce research, yes.

Here are some fun ways of getting your veggies in without feeling like you’re eating packing material. That’s got to be worth something, right?

 1. Cauliflower Fried Rice Via Family Fresh Meals

cauliflower recipes 1

Who would have thought? The traditional fried rice taste with a mere fraction of the carbs.

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