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look younger tips and advice

10 Practices That Will Make You Look Half Your Age!

We have all seen a variety of ways people and companies have claimed to cheat aging. However, some of those methods are through extreme diet plans, weight loss supplements, and invasive surgery procedures and it should...
healthy peanut butter recipes 12

16 Utterly Perfect Peanut Butter Recipes

Get your peanut butter fix right here with these sweet and healthy recipes.
food for eyes

Got Eye Pain? Read This

Keep your eyesight (and health) in check with these nutritious foods!
smoking risks

11 Reasons You’re Going To Quit Smoking Today

This is the VERY gruesome truth you need to see.

Foods That Are TERRIBLE For People With COPD

Once you've been diagnosed with COPD, many things in your life have to change. One of the big ones is your diet. Not only do you have to eat right to keep off extra...
winter vegetables feat image

15 Seasonal Veggies That Fight Winter Chill

Reach for more comforting and seasonal vegetables this winter.
running stretches

Best Stretches For Runners

Quick, easy stretches to make the most out of your runs.

10 Foods You SHOULD Eat As A Diabetic

When it comes to consumption for diabetics, there are plenty more things to keep in mind than just taste and hunger levels. Realizing that everything you ingest affects your body in a fragile way...
copd terms

Common Terms Every COPD Patient Needs To Know

You've just been diagnosed with COPD -- now what? Well, you and your doctor will work to find a treatment plan that best suits you. It's going to be a life-long process to help you...
Lemon beauty benefits

6 Best Beauty Uses For Lemons

Lemons are more than just tasty. They're also a great beauty weapon.
healthiest us cities san francisco

Escape: The 10 Healthiest American Cities

We think it's time you treat yourself to a trip.