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healthy lungs

12 Simple Ways To Get Healthier Lungs

Living with COPD, or any pulmonary disease, can make things like going for a walk, riding a bike and even, just getting up from your seat, extremely difficult. The coughing and wheezing can sometimes make...

2015’s Most Innovative Fitness Companies

If you thought that technology, innovation and fitness were slowly becoming more and more symbiotic, you would definitely be right. There are apps, wearable technology, and even institutions that are making a huge impact on...
improve flexibility

Get Bendy: 17 Stretches To Improve Flexibility

Are these moves the secret to better agility, performance, and posture?
healthy chocolate recipes feat image

15 Healthy Chocolate Recipes For Your Valentine

Chocolate for Valentine's Day. What else could be more perfect?
fitness fad round up aerial yoga

13 Most Unusual Fitness Trends Ever

Weird, unusual, or are these all just crazy enough to work? People will try pretty much anything to substitute the regular, boring old workout. There is an on-going list of interesting fitness trends happening in...
natural aphrodisiacs

17 Natural Aphrodisiacs To Get You In The Mood

We could think of no better time to turn up the heat than right now...
arm workout

17 Killer Moves For Massive Arms

Who says you shouldn't work the "glamour muscles" from time to time?

15 Ways To Be Happier In Your Relationship

Make sure you show your partner you're in it for the long haul!
detox tips

15 Easy Things You Can Do To Detox Everyday

Forget fads. These are the easy things you can do daily.

15 Nutritious Foods That Prevent Or Reduce Cancer

Time to add these veggies to your grocery list!