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look younger tips and advice

10 Practices That Will Make You Look Half Your Age!

We have all seen a variety of ways people and companies have claimed to cheat aging. However, some of those methods are through extreme diet plans, weight loss supplements, and invasive surgery procedures and it should...
face yoga

The Weirdest (And Best) Thing To Do For Your Face

The secret to a sculpted visage? This might just be it.
shape up xbox one 3

Is XBox One’s Shape Up Worth the Money?

Looking to gamify your workout? This game just might do it.
barefoot training

The Benefits Of Barefoot Training

Why you should give your feet a breath of fresh air.
hiit training

HIIT Workouts: Not For The Faint-of-Heart

Want to look like an athlete? You better train like one!
desk stretches inforaphic

An Instant Pick-Me-Up Right From Your Desk

An instant mood boost. Who doesn't need that?

A [Belated] Jump Start On Holiday Weight Loss

It's never too late to start. Don't wait until next January!
winter workout

Working Out Through the Winter Doldrums

Cold weather got you down? Don't let it with these helpful tips!
running stretches

Best Stretches For Runners

Quick, easy stretches to make the most out of your runs.

Why Men Give Up On Their Resolutions

Nope. It has nothing to do with the wafting smell of mac n' cheese.
athlete fitness tips

Fitness Secrets From Elite Athletes

If success is what you seek, you need to follow their advice!