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running myths

EXPOSED: 10 Common Running Myths

We're putting a stop to these myths before you start training for your half!
best fitness apps

10 Awesome Fitness Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Nothing working to get you pumped up for those workouts? Why not try one of these apps?
morning workout tips

The Only Tips You Need For A Killer AM Workout

Can't wake up in the mornings for a workout? You're doing it wrong!
easy workout

5 Hacks For An Easier Workout

You can conquer anything you set your mind to.
flat stomach tips

15 Of The Easiest Tips For A Flatter Stomach

You don't have to run a marathon to get a flat tummy. Just take a look at these tips!
gym mistakes feat image

You Should NEVER Do This At The Gym!

You might find one or more of these scenarios surprisingly familiar...!
improve flexibility

Get Bendy: 17 Stretches To Improve Flexibility

Are these moves the secret to better agility, performance, and posture?
overtraining symptoms

Extreme Signs: Are You Overtraining?

Too much of a good thing CAN be a bad thing. Are you overtraining?
cristiano ronaldo workout feat image

Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals How He Got Ripped

Who doesn't want to look like this soccer star?
fitness fad round up aerial yoga

13 Most Unusual Fitness Trends Ever

Weird, unusual, or are these all just crazy enough to work? People will try pretty much anything to substitute the regular, boring old workout. There is an on-going list of interesting fitness trends happening in...
arm workout

17 Killer Moves For Massive Arms

Who says you shouldn't work the "glamour muscles" from time to time?