Eating Well

Eating Well

wings recipe trick reynolds wrap video

The Ultimate Trick For Sweet & Spicy Wings

Make a perfect batch of wings every single time.
healthy pantry hacks

These Pantry Hacks Will Make You SO Much Healthier

We've got the key to healthy pantry success.
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4 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak Every Time

You don't need to be a grill master to make the perfect steak.
healthy corn recipes

This Is The Proper Way To Eat Corn On The Cob

By now you've probably seen that cringeworthy viral video of the girl eating corn on the cob as it spins on a screwdriver... Only for her hair to get caught and get subsequently ripped out....
healthy jerky snack video

The Protein-Rich Snack You’ve Been Overlooking

This meaty snack is not only convenient, but also satisfying and totally underrated.

Fontina Chicken Recipe With Prosciutto And Fresh Sage Over Spinach

Today’s entry is an excellent take on a classic Italian dish that is sometimes referred to in restaurants as ‘Saltimbocca’ which, when translated, has a literal meaning ‘to jump off the tongue’. It earned...
Slow Cooker Paleo Recipe

No Tortillas Needed: Slow Cooker Paleo Pork Carnitas

There are few things we love more in life than pork and our slow cooker. If you're with us on this, you're going love this slow cooker paleo recipe! In the video above, is showing us...
vegan BBQ recipe

OMG: Vegan BBQ Recipe Will Change Your Life

Who says vegans can't barbecue? We're here to debunk the myth that a good old fashion BBQ is only for carnivores with this delicious vegan BBQ recipe. In the video above celebrity chef and lifelong...
bison burger recipe

Cut Fat, Not Flavor With This Burger Recipe

There's nothing like sitting down to a delicious burger, right? It's true, but let's face it, traditional burgers aren't exactly healthy, but luckily there's an alternative that will help you cut down on fat,...
roasted turnips recipes

Try This Simple Healthier Alternative To Potatoes

There's nothing we love more than learning about healthy alternative to otherwise unhealthy foods. Which is why we're loving the video above that shows us a potato alternative that we think you're going to love. Chef...