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ideal body weight

The Real Deal: How Much Should You Weigh?

The interesting formula to figure our your ideal weight.
travel benefits

9 Ways Travel Will Change You For The Better

That trip you're saving up for is totally worth it! Here's why.
half marathon, running

13.1 Reasons that Running 13.1 Miles is Worth It

The other day, I hit a wall. Not physically (although that's known to happen to), but with my marathon training. With less than four months until I was scheduled to run over 13 miles,...
sleep, sleep guide, video

Simple Ways To Get Through Your Day On No Sleep

No sleep last night? These tips will get you through the dreaded day.
fitness myths feat image

15 Common Fitness Myths BUSTED

Forget about these lies. Once and for all!
increase life expectancy

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Life Expectancy

Because who doesn't want to live a long, fruitful life?
positive mindset shifts and changes

15 Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Reach Success

If you want a happier life through a healthier lifestyle, it all starts with mindset!
napping, sleep study, sleep health

Grab Your PJs: Napping Is Better For Your Health Than You Thought

Think napping in the middle of the day is unproductive? Studies are showing quite the opposite!
Alpha Linolenic Acid feat image

3 Reasons You Need Alpha-Linolenic Acid In Your Diet

Are you making sure to get enough of this in your meal plan?
healthy travel tips

15 Easy Ways To Travel Healthier

Traveling can be really stressful and sneakily unhealthy but it doesn't have to be!
the importance of oral health

10 Oral Health Facts You Might Be Neglecting

We use our mouths actively each day. Our teeth are the hardest substance in the human body. Yet, we glaze over health practices and do tons of damage to our oral health. The Oral...