Buzzfeed and countless other websites have named 2014 “The Year of the Booty” – and rightly so. From celebrity behinds in the media (ahem, Kim Kardashian’s), to songs about booties like Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, or reemerging dance crazes that are all about the butt like “twerking”, your bum is taking center stage.

Don’t be afraid. If you’re not sure on how to get that lifted and sculpted behind, then we’ve got some pro tips and moves for you that can be incorporated into anyone and everyone’s workout regimen. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, we can tell you how to perform them and even how to challenge yourself.

While it’s true that you can’t spot reduce, you can spot enhance. By building muscle and strengthening a certain are, you can build the physique of your dreams, one muscle group at a time.

Let us guide you through the top 9 exercises and movements for a sculpted tush.

1. Squats

butt workout bodyweight squat

Squats are tried and true, but oh so essential. If performed correctly, they can be great at targeting your glutes. Just make sure to keep a straight back, your chest up, and your knees tracked directly over your tees without going over. In addition, make sure to push your hips forward when coming to stand to target your glutes more. For an added challenge, hold 10 to 15 pounds in each hand. If you decide not to, complete more reps instead. For example, if you’re performing only bodyweight squats, try doing 20 reps per circuit. Weighted squats , however, will only require 10-15 depending on the weight.

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