Are you a bride-to-be? We’re sure your head is spinning with all the wedding preparations. From the cake and the dress to the seating chart and everything in between, it sure is a lot to handle.

On top of that, a lot of brides feel an insane amount of pressure to look their absolute best in their wedding dress. While I would first like to emphasize that the person you’re marrying will probably love you at any weight, it’s sometimes nice to show off how great you feel and look on your big day.

Oftentimes, brides opt for strapless or figure-hugging wedding dress designs that emphasize things like the arms, shoulders and waist. Luckily, this workout targets exactly those areas, but doesn’t stop there.

It’s very common for honeymoons to be tropical getaways, which is why trainer, Shelly McDonald also features squats and compound movements to get your gams tight and toned. Who doesn’t want to show off their legs worry-free at the beach?

It’s important to note that compound movements like squats to overhead raises also burn a lot of calories in half the time. After all, it’s two moves in one! Plus, these muscle building exercises have the ability to change the composition of your overall body – something not possible when  you’re solely wasting away time on an elliptical.

It should be noted that you can speed up results if you actually increase your weights, too. Too often I see girls sticking to 2, 3 or maybe 5 pound dumbbells, when I know they could push 8-10 pounds at least. By going heavier, you are pushing your body further, torching more calories and prompting quicker results. If you absolutely cannot, choose higher repetitions of 20+ for each circuit on each side (if applicable) to get a similar outcome. Either way, you should work until your muscles are fatigued and absolutely cannot go any further in the same movement.

In addition, don’t think you can perform these movements a few times leading up to your wedding and expect to magically see results overnight. You must incorporate these moves into your routine at least 4-6 times a week leading up to your big day.

Couple this with an 80/20 mentality on your diet (80 percent healthy, 20 percent treats) and you will really feel like the Belle of your very own ball.

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