There have been numerous studies that show meditating can be super beneficial in all aspects of someone’s life. Whether it’s distressing your mind, ridding your body of muscle aches or simply helping raise your spirits, meditation is definitely a positive tool. However, not every one can get behind the practice. Whenever we speak to someone and ask them about meditating, if they don’t do it, they usually say something about not having enough time or concentration, but in reality, all it takes is five minutes and a little bit of focus. Don’t believe us? Well, the awesome folks over at happify daily created an Infographic that not only addresses the biggest misconceptions about meditation, but also gives helpful tips on how to do it, and information about why you should do it.

Of course, you have to have an open mind about it, but we think if you really take the minutes to focus on your breath and yourself, you’ll want to make meditation a regular activity in your life. And to give you even more incentive, meditation can be done practically anywhere and it’s free. If you need a little help, places like happify, UCLA and offer guided meditations on anything from awakening your creativity, to helping you fall asleep at night. So skeptics, we’re challenging you to experience the benefits of meditation. And be sure to head over to happify for other great Infographics.

benefits of meditation


Have you experienced the benefits of meditation?


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