avocado health benefits

It seems as though we cannot get away from the everlasting trend of avocados – and for good reason! Some call it the “nutrient all-star” and others, the “super food” because of its insane benefits to the inside and outside of our bodies. They’re the go-to ingredient in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, baked goods and of course guacamole!

So, when you are 5 dips into the guac on Cinco de Mayo this year, just remember all the health benefits that come along with it.

1. Heart Health

avocado health benefits

Heart disease is still the number 1 killer in the United States and this is due to a high saturated fat diet. Luckily for us, avocados contain the “good fat” which includes monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocados also contain vitamin E, folate, physoterols for reducing cholesterol levels, potassium for lowering blood pressure and fiber for controlling blood sugar levels.

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