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Yuval David: Acclaimed Actor, Host, Performer, Athlete, Fitness Expert, Speaker, Instructor, Trainer, Presenter, Motivator, & Consultant. As an celebrated actor and performer in Television, Film, Theatre, and Radio, Yuval David has always focused on the process of bettering himself and his craft. Along the process, he has trained and educated others while along his own path. As an athlete, he focuses on competing, playing, and practicing as well as he can, sharing his process, and leading others along the way. Yuval is a recognized expert in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and health. His lifelong journey of achieving and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul has led him to have a wonderfully cultivated and informative career in Fitness and Health. Yuval says, “The Fountain of Youth is found by focusing on Fitness, Nutrition, and overall Health.” With his extensive training, education, and experience he has gained great accolades as he teaches, trains, coaches, and leads others in the exciting and pampering quest of maintaining and improving individual health and fitness levels. For more on Yuval, go to