Bench Press Workout

For men, it always feels like your arms are the first and most prominent indicator of how many times you hit the gym. The bigger the bicep the bigger and the manlier you feel. While we don’t recommend forgoing leg day or “forgetting” about it, we do want to give you a hand in working out those lusted after “glamour muscles” easily and effectively.

These 17 arm workout exercises are the best in targeting the upper body to get those massive arms you’ve always dreamed of. If this is your goal, we suggest lower repetitions with a higher weight. However, if you’re a female looking to lean out and build “lean muscle”, go for lower weights at a higher rep. For example, men would practice a dumbbell curl with 25-35 lbs (or more) for 3-4 circuits x 8 repetitions, while women might curl 10-20 lbs for 3 circuits x 15 repetitions.

Take a look at some of our favorite movements that can be easily incorporated into anyone’s routine in the next slide!

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