When people tell me they “don’t have the time” to workout, I always give a half laugh/half eye roll. Most people never have a valid excuse. With 24 hours in a day, I find it hard to believe that there are absolutely  no time slots for you to get in some exercise.

That being said, many moms and people who are constantly traveling may feel more flustered by the concept of fitting in long periods of time daily to the gym.

Unfortunately, there is a huge misconception about exercise that it has to be excessive and can only be performed in a gym to yield the right results. This is totally false! You can exercise from absolutely anywhere (even your bed!) and work in short bursts as long as you have the right intensity.

While Tabata workouts are fairly popular among those who are looking to try an equipment-free HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout on a time constraint, the videos above are a perfect example of how you can workout for short periods of time and still work all parts of your body.

From getting a booty workout in a rocking chair to using your minivan as a stepper, Craig, the personal trainer explains how you can build up a sweat virtually anywhere with even the most hectic of time constraints.

You might not want to get your workout on in a checkout line at the grocery store, but we love the concept of being able to fit in some strengthening and heart-raising exercises in absolutely any space.

Take a look at the videos above and prepare to be enlightened – or amused!

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Which of these 5 minute workouts would you try?


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