You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home — or work out for hours — to get tightened and toned. In fact, choosing shorter workouts (quite like these that you can perform anywhere) may make you more likely to stick with workout routine in the long term.

Take a look below for some toning 10-minute workouts that you can complete when you’re short on time. Or, you can also mix and match 10-minute routines to complete longer workouts when you have extra time.

Lower Body – Jump Squats and Lunges

10 minute workout jump squats and lunges

Doing a 10-minute jump squat workout will tighten and tone your lower body – specifically the thighs and butt. You will also burn a significant amount of calories completing this workout.

The correct way to perform jump squats is with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart for one minute – swinging your arms up as you jump or holding them behind your head. After the wide-stance, you can then do jump squats for another minute with your feet close together which will work other leg muscles.

Afterwards, complete jumps in the lunge position for a minute with your right leg forward, then for another minute with your left leg forward. Repeat these jumping lunges another two minutes — one minute for each leg.

During your seventh and eighth minutes, complete more jump squats with your feet shoulder-width apart, then with your feet close together.

End with one minute of regular squats, and one minute of squats with your feet close together.

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Cardio – Rope Jumping

10 minute workout jump rope

You’ll break quite a sweat by completing a 10-minute rope jumping workout.

Begin by jumping rope with your feet together for two minutes.

Then, jump for one minute with just your left leg — and one minute using only your right leg.

During your fifth minute, jump front to back. Then jump side to side for your sixth minute.

Try high knee jumps for minute seven, jog in place while jumping rope for minute eight, do double jumps for minute nine, and complete cool-down jumps during your last minute.

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Upper Body & Core – Burpee and Pushup Workout

10 minute workout burpee and push ups

Burpees make excellent full-body workouts that will tighten and tone you in no time. Begin by doing regular burpees for two minutes. Then, try side to side burpees by swinging your legs out to one side then the other side — instead of out behind you — for two minutes.

Alternate regular push-ups with push-ups on your knees during minutes five and six. Complete two more minutes of regular burpees, and do more side to side burpees for the final two minutes of your burpee workout.

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Full Body – Abdominal Kickboxing

10 minute workout kickboxing abs

Ten-minute kickboxing workouts will tighten and tone your abs, butt, and thighs.

Begin by completing two minutes of alternating side to side squat kicks.

Then, take a minute to do jumping jacks, followed by a minute of repeating side kicks with your right leg and a minute of repeating side kicks with your left leg.

Complete two minutes of continuous front kicks by alternating kicking legs.

Then, perform two more minutes of squat kicks by alternating legs.

End with a minute of alternating elbow touches, by touching your right elbow to your right knee — while jumping in the air — then touching your left elbow to your left knee during a continuous process.

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Which of these 10 minute workouts would you try?


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